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Together to WIN

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With over 6,500 photovoltaic systems installed in Italy, Solarplay stands out as one of the most important companies in the sector.

Solarplay manages the entire project internally, from the site inspection to the installation of your system, ensuring a reliable, safe, and timely finished product tailored to your needs.

Custom projects for residential and industrial systems: Solarplay clients recognize the quality of the installed products, professionalism, and expertise.



Accounting Services

No matter how small or large your business is, Conta Plus aims to provide excellent accounting, business, and tax consulting services.

The Conta Plus team is proud to offer its expertise and knowledge of legislative and tax regulations, which we continuously update.

Conta Plus also collaborates with specialists in various fields to offer comprehensive support and consultancy, effectively assisting in the business journey, allowing you to focus your energy on managing your business.

Conta Plus offers a practical and functional approach to clients by providing innovative software that simplifies accounting as much as possible.




Motul's product culture, deeply rooted in its history through the constant search for increasingly innovative, effective, and better-performing lubricants, has led the company to adopt the principles of a quality management system. The organization implemented allows customer expectations to be met and even anticipated by adopting a structured and pragmatic approach to achieve maximum efficiency while complying with internationally recognized quality standards.

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Today, T.M. Performance offers first-rate production, engineering, and problem-solving services to major motorsport brands such as Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara, JAS Motorsport, Abarth (FCA Group), AUDI Sport Italia, and others. Additionally, it supplies high-quality aftermarket components compatible with Porsche, Ferrari (both current and vintage), McLaren, and more. Specifically, the core business focuses on the development and commercialization of products primarily for the sports components sector and mechanical components for special applications in motorsport.

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Water Purifiers for Domestic and Industrial Use

IWM water purifiers enhance the quality of drinking water while costing you a thousand times less: just the simple cost of tap water. Not to mention the convenience: they easily install under the sink, becoming your invisible ally in the kitchen.

Rediscover the peace of mind and convenience of using your home water for drinking, cooking, and washing the food you eat every day. Eliminate harmful pollutants and health hazards such as limescale, chlorine, arsenic, and PFAS from your home water, ensuring it's safe for drinking and cooking.

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The Story of a Transformation: NEXLA - Next Label is Born

Unlike a traditional service-oriented organizational structure, solely focused on providing a service, performance, and function, today’s "label factory" embodies the mental representation of a factory dedicated to the customer and concepts such as intelligence, reason, ingenuity, and creativity. These are the elements that define the new identity of NEXLA.

NEXLA offers to the Customers:
• A creative department that proposes cutting-edge professional solutions and product renderings, enabling customization, selection, and visualization of the final product.
• A technical office that suggests materials, offers Tailor Made printing processes, and creates mock-ups to provide a tangible preview of the finished product.



Plastic Extrusion Machines – Plastic Injection Machines – Plastic Blow Molding Machines

Born in the heart of Tuscany in 1983, MECCANOPLATICA grown alongside its clients. Adapted and transformed from a small company, consisting of just the three founding partners, into a significant industrial presence in both the Italian and international markets, with operational locations in Florence (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain).

In recent years, despite the economic crisis, the company embraced the challenges of contemporary markets, successfully increasing the EXPORT share of our sales for plastic processing machinery.

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TIJEY creates jewelry that embodies power, crafted from one of the Earth's most durable materials: Grade 5 Titanium. Hypoallergenic, indestructible, and lightweight, they are perfect for the ones who makes "Style" a way of life.

TIJEY jewelry is designed to last over time: it can be personalized with engravings and details that reflect the wearer's unique personality.

Each piece is numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Quality that certifies its exclusivity.

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