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Here to assist you whenever you need!

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Nicolò has has gained a decade-long experience in business incorporation across various sectors.

With his extensive expertise, he can provide valuable support in both initial and subsequent stages.
Nicolò speaks Italian and is also fluent in English.



President - Business Development

Marco completed his studies, graduating as an Aeronautical Construction Expert and attending a two-year program at the Polytechnic University of Milan. From 1986 to 2003, he made his mark in the insurance sector with top-tier international Insurance Companies and Brokers. After a dynamic five-year stint as an entrepreneur in insurance consulting, he joined leading international companies specializing in Telematics for the Automotive sector. 
Marco is a native Italian speaker and communicates fluently in English and Spanish. He understands French quite well, though he struggles with written communication in the language!

Sinem Pozanti.png


Client Advisor

With over 10 years of experience in business development, finance, B2B marketing, and relationship management, Sinem brings a wealth of expertise and a track record of success to the table. She is currently expanding his knowledge by pursuing a Sponsorship Marketing Diploma from the European Sponsorship Association, with a focus on user-centric engagement strategies.

Sinem is a native Turkish speaker and is proficient in negotiating in English, with a good command of Italian.

Luca Mancin foto_edited.jpg


Freelance Client Advisor

Luca has developed a multifaceted professional career, specializing extensively in advertising within prominent organizations. He is proficient in both offline and online advertising, conducting professional communication in both Italian and English with equal skill.

Matteo Filippi picture_2 profile.png


Freelance Client Advisor

You'll also find Matteo on the DRIVERS page, but don't be surprised. Matteo has shown a great knack for customer interaction and has joined the 42 Racing team with his signature enthusiasm. He's studying Psychology, is a native Italian speaker, and is also eager to communicate in English.

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