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Sponsorship isn't just a sticker on a racing car.

We firmly believe that sponsorship today is more than just placing a sticker on a racing car. It is the result of careful planning that includes:

  • Analysis of Sponsor Objectives

  • Identification of the initiative to sponsor: a Driver, a Team, an Event, or a Championship

  • Definition of Visibility Tools

  • Identification of Collateral Actions: Incentives for Commercial Networks, Collaborators, and Clients; Safe or Sport Driving Courses; VIP Hospitality; Corporate Conventions, and more

  • Business Plan for the initiative and Budget Definition

  • Potential Analysis of Barter Advertising: using Bartering to sponsor while mitigating or eliminating cash outflows

  • Identification of initiative evaluation parameters (ROI)

42 Racing SA supports companies looking to use sponsorship to promote their brand or enhance relationships with collaborators and clients.

With direct experience in managing sports programs, we provide our client companies with unique expertise to identify the best solutions.

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To choose the best path in your career

42 Racing SA supports professional, semi-professional, and gentleman drivers in identifying the best opportunities in terms of championships and teams, while managing relationships with organizers, promoters, and sponsors.

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We support you in decision-making processes, product development, and its commercialization.

42 Racing SA supports companies operating in the automotive sector, particularly in the aftermarket segment, providing expert consulting for product development, marketing, and international expansion.

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Barter sponsorship without cash commitment

Bartering is a method rooted in the advertising industry to "pay" for advertising using unsold goods that weigh on inventory balances. Sponsorships can also be arranged using this method: thus, a company holding outdated inventory can put these goods back into play to gain the desired visibility in return.

42 Racing SA, leveraging partnerships in the bartering sector, can convert unsold goods into a budget to invest in sponsorship.

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To bring certain projects to life, we're ready to hit the track together


For the implementation of certain sports programs, 42 Racing SA has been ready to fully support client companies and get directly involved on the track, leveraging partnerships with top professionals in the motorsport industry.

Although not our primary focus, in 2018, 42 Racing SA entered a car in the TCR Italy Championship, winning two races in its debut season and ultimately earning the team trophy at the end of the season. From 2019 to 2021, we were among the leading teams in EuroNASCAR, in collaboration with FS Motorsport. Extraordinary results that we are ready to replicate!


To reward collaborators, clients, and prospects, or to train individuals in safer, more responsible, sustainable, and economical car usage.

Choose 42 Racing SA to design your event:
a facility dedicated to motorsport competitions and events, with professional driver instructors.


  • Event Entertainment and Presentations

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Hot Laps

  • Sports Driving Courses

  • Safe Driving Courses

  • Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicle Driving Courses

  • ..... and more.

Tell us about your idea: we'll help you bring it to life!

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